1 talented mentor/teacher, 5 amazing girls, a bunch of adorable sleepy babies, hilarious conversations and one of the funniest/most random string of texts possibly ever……

……and that doesn’t even come close to describing my experience at the RVP workshop in Indy.

Let me start out by saying that I’m not a writer, let alone a sappy one (especially on this blog) but I really don’t even know how to begin to describe my experience in Indianapolis this past week. I actually started writing it all down on the plane ride back to Denver because I didn’t want to forget anything. I don’t even remember what month Rachel put out the dates for her 2014 workshops but literally, it was probably five minutes after and without even thinking about it, I put down a deposit without even discussing it with my hubs (although when I told him, he was so excited). I’ve always known this was a workshop I had to take and I was so worried it would fill up and I would miss out s0 I chose the very latest date that was available so I could figure out how I was going to make it all work and it happened to be the day after my birthday, which totally justified it for me :). I had a long time to think about how I wanted this workshop to be, and build up my excitement. Anyways, I can’t begin to describe how amazing Rachel is, not only as a newborn photographer but as a person!! I was actually really nervous to meet her, and after missing one flight and having to be like a half hour late to dinner I was even more nervous, but she is one of the most down to earth, nicest people I have met. The other ladies who attended were pretty amazing too (and of course Rachel’s stand in assistant was as well), I seriously haven’t laughed to the point of crying so many times in two days probably ever in my life. I definitely feel like I made a whole group of new friends and I know we will for sure be keeping in touch (being that I just looked at my phone with 24 missed texts from them :)). I honestly learned SOOOO much from attending this workshop, it was incredible!

Here are some of my favorites from the workshop, all were posed by Rachel and shot and edited by me:


Rachel was REALLY excited to show us this one….;)
So amazing to see this women at work!


On the second day, we all got to pick one pose and work on that with Rachel, here is a behind the scenes:

And here is the final pose <3.


To say it was a good experience is an understatement. I said it before on my page, but this experience exceeded all of my expectations. The workshop portion was incredible, I learned SO much. I feel like picking the very last workshop date posted was just meant to be, I’m so lucky to have had the group that I did and to have met the photographer I’ve looked up to for so long, no words can describe how blessed I feel :). Thank you Rachel, for sharing your wisdom!!


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