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At almost every session I get asked when and how I started doing photography, especially newborn photography. I thought I would take you on my journey and show you how hard it is to really answer that question. I’ve gone through so many stages and it has been such a learning process.

I’ve had a love for photography as long as I can remember, I took a class in highschool and completely fell in love! When I was deciding what to do with my life and what to go to college and major in it was between Photography and Interior Design…I chose Interior Design thinking Photography just wasn’t realistic and there was no way I could be successful. Once I graduated I got a job at a corporate design firm and honestly LOVED my job! We were so busy and I loved it, I learned so much! After about a year there I got pregnant with my first and decided to pick up a camera again. I had no idea how to shoot with a digital camera so I had a lot to learn. I started putting everything I had into learning everything I could and started shooting sessions on the side while working as an Interior Designer. We all start somewhere, and in case anyone was curious what my first sessions looked like, well, here you have it.


I’m still in love these images and can still remember how proud of them I was. It was that feeling that kept me going, kept me wanting to learn more. I would literally sit up all night after Aubrey fell asleep learning, taking pictures of EVERYTHING. Then my son Cameron was born and I wanted so badly to get those adorable little newborn images I’d seen with the babies posed so cute and sleepy. And this is what I came up with…


I of course still love and cherish these, but it was not exactly what I was going for. So now my attention focused to newborns and I put EVERYTHING I had into learning all there was to learn about newborns and most importantly, newborn safety! I researched online and joined newborn photography groups and I started taking models and doing free shoots, I’m not even sure how many free shoots I actually did, but I know it was a lot! Here is one of my firsts free sessions and a “session” I did for my sweet niece, these were taken in April and July of 2012…


Again, I was SO proud of these but knew I had so much to learn. I learned of a newborn photographer who was coming to Denver to teach and decided to sign up. I took my first workshop with Jaiden Photography! At this workshop I learned SO much, but mostly that I had a lot more to learn and I wasn’t even close to where I wanted to be. She definitely inspired me to not give up and to keep trying. I did a couple of sessions right after that workshop and saw a lot more improvement, which helped me not throw in the towel completely. Then I did a TON more sessions, models and just very discounted sessions as well.

Somewhere in that time I decided to quit my full time job as an Interior Designer, which was scary, possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever done. It was rough in the beginning and I was unsure that I made the right decision. But my husband was so supportive and just kept telling me I could do it, so I kept on going.

Then in April of 2014, I flew to Indianapolis for a workshop I thought I would only dream of taking with Rachel Vanoven Photography, I had her eworkshop and JUMPED at the chance to take her in person workshop, literally right when she posted them I put my deposit down for my spot. At that workshop everything just seemed to click for me! I got back home and got back to work trying to find my style and perfect my poses. I moved into my studio at the beginning of this year and everything else has fallen into place. I understand my light, I have a clear concept that I really feel like I can execute consistently and I just LOVE everything about my job! Here are some images from when I first started and now :).


And these are my favorites from the past couple of weeks! The little boy in the sibling image below was the little Yoda above, and their parents were the engagement shoot at the VERY top. So much fun seeing this family grow (and because she is my cousin she stuck with me through it all) :).


Anyways, that was a long way of telling you how long I’ve been doing this and taking you through my journey. It was not something that happened overnight, it was not easy and at times it was very discouraging, heck sometimes it still is. But if you are starting out and feel like you will never make it where you want to be, just don’t give up. I look back at the images from the beginning and I’m still so proud of them, and proud of where I started. I also can’t wait to learn more!!!

And for a real comparison I thought I would share my first cover photo on my Facebook page and my current cover photo. The top was August 2013 and the bottom was June 2015. I can’t wait to see what I have up in 2017 because I know I still have more to learn!


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