Baby Grayson | Colorado Newborn Photography

Baby Grayson | Colorado Newborn Photography

I swear, I have the best job ever! For those who don’t know, I went to school for and was an interior designer for 7 years. I was a photographer on the side and once my kids came I decided to do the scariest thing of my life and jump all in to photography! Needless to say I have never looked back!

I get told all the time I have the best job ever, and I never argue! I get to see these brand new babies! Working with these new families is so rewarding! Even with everything that comes with un-diapered babies (yes, I’ve had my fair share of being pooped and peed on), this is literally the best job EVER!

I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love! Since leaving my full time design job, I have never once woken up not excited for my day!

Thank you to my clients that helped make my dreams come true!

And here are some of my favorites from Grayson’s session! Enjoy!

Colorado Newborn Photography

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