Newborn Session | The Process

Booking your Newborn Session

Parent’s usually book their newborn session when they are still expecting, I put your due date down on my calendar knowing that the baby can come before or after that date. Once the baby comes just reach out and we will schedule the actual time and date for your newborn session. Keep in mind it is ideal for the session to take place within 2 weeks of the babies arrival. Getting the super squishy posed images are much more attainable in that time frame. If you didn’t think of it or for some reason can’t make it in in that time frame please do not stress! I have photographed many babies that are older and no matter what we will get adorable images of your sweet baby!

When Newborn Sessions Take Place

Newborn sessions are done on weekdays starting at around 10:00 at my studio in Denver, Colorado! The sessions will take 1-3 hours depending on the baby. We are on their schedule so when they want to eat, we let them eat! If the baby wants to stay awake for a bit and kick around, that is what we let him/her do. Sometimes the baby just needs a little cuddle time and I’m totally here for that too!! I only schedule one newborn session in a day so we are not rushed at all.

Before the Newborn Session

Before the session you will receive a questionnaire from me. The questionnaire will help me get set up with colors/styles that you want for the session. I recommend thinking about where you will be displaying these images. I also love pulling colors from the nursery. There will also be an invoice and a contract that will be emailed before the session. A prep packet will be sent out once the session is scheduled. It will have directions to my studio and suggestions on what to wear as well as how to prepare the baby for the session

During the Newborn Session

I will do anywhere from 4-6 set ups. Set ups are anything that is a different background/prop. Usually there will be two set ups where the baby is on a blanket, two where the baby is in a prop and one with the family members. If the baby is being a rockstar I will add another set up! I have a comfy sofa with coffee, water and snacks. My goal is to make this an enjoyable experience for you all! If there are siblings coming, I also have a front room with a TV and Netflix or some movies.

After the Session

Once the session is complete I usually go straight to my computer to back up the images and while that is happening I will post some sneak peeks (if allowed) on Facebook and Instagram. Then, I will work on the gallery which you will typically receive within a couple of weeks. The gallery will be sent over email and you will be able to download all of the edited images directly onto your computer. For prints I always recommend! They do a beautiful job, just make sure to not select the color correction!

Please don’t forget to join my client Facebook group after your session as well!! I post specials, fall sessions get posted their first and any time I’m in need of a model I ask there first!

I offer a number of other sessions as well, check out the Milestone Packages to capture the baby through his/her first year! Or Family sessions are more of my favorites!

Newborn Session
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