What to expect

So many parents come to their session not knowing exactly what to expect. This can be very stressful, especially when a new baby is involved. I’m always told how much easier the session was then what they expected. So here you go, what you can expect before, during and after your session.

Morning of your session

You will receive a prep packet prior to your session with me, but just so you know what to expect here is the short version. You will want to keep your baby away for the 2 hours before the session is important for a sleepy baby during the session. This can seem like an impossible task so I recommend giving them a bath, not giving them a pacifier and not wrapping them up tight. In fact letting them kick around in just a diaper gets them nice and tired. Also, planning the feeding schedule so the baby eats 2-3 hours before the session and you can feed him/her right when you arrive to the studio will help out a ton as well.

Once you arrive to the studio

As I said above, you should plan on feeding the baby when you arrive to the studio. If they arrive asleep, we will just get started. I try to keep them to 2 hours to respect your time, sometimes they will be 3 so just keep that in mind. Be prepared for a warm studio. I keep the studio at one 80 degrees, so I recommend dressing in layers! Why such a warm studio? Well your new baby is used to a nice and toasty 98.6 degrees inside of you, so they are comfortable in the warmth. I recommend dressing in layers as well!

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The session

98% of the time I will start with the baby wrapped up and swaddled. Babies will always fall asleep when wrapped so that is where we start. I can start with siblings so they can get their portion over with. Parents will sometimes decide to have someone take the siblings somewhere, but they are welcome to stay. There is a TV up front with Netflix and some snacks as well. Bringing a pacifier will be extremely helpful to relax your baby into poses. My favorite pacifiers for sessions are the green ones you get from the hospital. You can also order them here.

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Once the parent and sibling portion is out of the way, it is time to let your baby shine! If your baby wakes during the session, do not stress. I will try soothing techniques but sometimes we will just need to wait them out and let them have some awake time. Let the baby kick around and wait them out. Also, I will get some awake shots and most of the time they fall into a deep sleep after some awake time. If they are hungry we will stop and feed. We are on babies schedule, they are running the show.

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After the session

I will post sneak peeks within a day or two of the session (with your permission of course). And you will receive the final digital gallery within 2-3 weeks. For more information on a newborn session click here.

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