family and newborn photographer in Denver, ColoradoHello! Thank you for stopping by! I'm Jennifer (you can call me Jen). I'm a newborn and family photographer who is based out of Littleton, Colorado. I live for spending time with my family, golden sunsets and newborn snuggles! Please take look around my site (you will find a lot of cute babies), and contact me if you have any questions or would like any additional information. Thanks,
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Meet Jen

I’m a photographer based out of Littleton, Colorado. I’m a 3rd generation Colorado native and don’t see myself ever moving out of this beautiful state.  My love of photography really began when I got my first 35 mm camera, I took it everywhere with me, took photos of everything. I started taking classes in high school where we would develop the images in a dark room and my love only grew from there. After I had my first baby I finally purchased my first DSLR and took a step into the digital world and I will never look back!! I started specializing in newborns in 2012 when I took my first workshop. I can honestly say it is the best and most rewarding job!

I have 3 main loves of my life:

1. My husband. We have been together since high school and he has made me who I am in so many ways, one being really pushing me and supporting me in following my dreams.

2. My beautiful daughter Aubrey and my sweet little handsome man Cameron. My kiddos are what keep me going (and going…and going) every day. They inspire me to be the best mom and person I can be.

3. My camera. I shoot with a Nikon D5 and my favorite lenses is my Sigma 35 mm ART along with my Nikon 85mm.

I have always had a love of photography, I just didn’t know it would have grown into this. I love meeting new clients on photo shoots, I love getting real smiles from little ones, I love getting shy kiddos to warm up, I love leaving a shoot feeling like I have met new friends, I love showing people their own beauty, I love cuddling sweet newborns, I love making memories for people that will last a lifetime. I LOVE what I do!!

Aside from that I love my coffee in the morning (can’t survive without it), I love reality TV (don’t judge me), I love my doggies, I love long weekends at the lake, I love my quiet time. Anything else you feel like you want to know, don’t be afraid to ask.